So. I'm moving into my first apartment. Tomorrow. I'm signing the lease and getting the keys tonight. I can't believe it. It seemed so far away and then suddenly its here. Emily owes me a bookcase =). I'm going to have to buy it myself this weekend I think........

wish me luck. 
This is one of the biggest things I've ever done.

Oh yea..did I mention...

I GOT A NEW CAR. That's right.. NEW!!!!!!!!! It's pretty and I bought it all by myself. Suddenly..working through all the shitty stuff seems worth it.

I'll post pictures soon. =)
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Snakes on a Plane = THE WORST MOVIE EVER!!!

It wasn't even funny. It was just horrible from beginning to end.

UGH. That poor dog.

I LOVE EMILY WHELAN. even though she wouldn't go with me to get a Christmas Village. Thats ok. My daddy is taking me today